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Rapid Automation Design is an industry leader in engineering services and product design. With core competencies in hardware engineering, FPGA design, software development, and PCB layout services, we have the capabilities to work together with your engineering team, or to provide complete product development. At Rapid Automation, we believe doing it right the first time is faster, cheaper, and more efficient than fixing mistakes later.

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Engineering Design Services

We work with your engineering team to get your product to market sooner. With years of proven design experience in hardware design, software engineering, and FPGA design, we have the tools to make your project a success.

Hardware Design & PCB Layout

Our hardware engineering team has extensive experience designing digital, analog, and RF electronics. From sensitive instrumentation to TV broadcast to fiber-optics, we have the skills to provide the solutions you need. Link

FPGA Design

Our FPGA engineers are proficient in digital signal processing, System on a Chip (Zynq), high speed communications, processor interfaces, data acquisition, and more. We have the skill set to make your project a success. Link

Software Engineering

Our software engineers deliver quality code for your application. We have years of experience in embedded processors, microcontrollers, Linux development, device drivers, SoC, board support packages and much more. Link

Product Development

Our experienced staff offers the expertise to take your product from concept to market. We can collaborate with you from a statement of work, requirements documents, a conference call, or meet in person. Our product design experience includes a wide variety of industries from TV & radio broadcast to precision measurement equipment.


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